A Lifetime of Adventure

What do you miss most about your life before the pandemic? It’s probably one or all of these: the non-stop traveling, massive parties, nature-tripping – anything that involves the great outdoors. We may be cooped up inside but it’s important that we appreciate and celebrate more of our lives now.

Spend more time with family

While challenges are inevitable, may we make it a habit to have meals with our families, to give us many opportunities to check on each other and catch up as much as we can. Set more get-togethers and host a laidback backyard lunch every weekend.

Lifetime Convertible Bench (Brown)

Wake up with a grateful heart

Each morning reminds us to be grateful that we are given another day to live. Don’t let the stress of hustling get to you. Get up earlier than usual to catch the rising sun. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Take quick breaks to just sit back and relax on a cozy bench outside.

Lifetime Wood Glider Bench

Did your dad just fix the broken faucet? Or did your husband just build you a laptop desk for your Zoom meetings? These are the small great things that we live for! Express thanks by surprising him with a robust storage shed for his carpentry tools.

Lifetime Shed 7’x7’

Cherish Memories, Old and New

Use your time in quarantine to clean and organize every nook and cranny of the house. Store important documents and photo albums in durable cabinets to prevent termites from destroying them someday.

Lifetime Vertical Storage Cabinet

Your kids will soon outgrow their toys and clothes. These can be passed down to younger siblings and cousins in the future so make sure to keep them in a safe storage.

Lifetime Storage (Gray)

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