Old Traditions Meet New

Functionality and style are two key points you should be looking for when you’re trying to improve your home. Christmas may be a completely traditional affair, but through the years it has become a time of embracing innovations that make life better.

Brikk Air Purifier

Air That Protects

This stylish air purifier with UVC LED Sterilization serves multiple functions: air filter, smoke and dust sensor, and a UV sterilizer that kills 99.99% of viruses and germs.

Blakk UV Lamp

Light It Up

Disinfecting cannot be stressed enough these days. Leave no spot uninspected with this UV Lamp for hygiene control and disinfection of viruses and bacteria.

Blakk Handheld Vacuum

Can Be Reached

Reach through the smallest parts of your home and get rid of those unwanted dust and particles with BLAKK’s handheld vacuum cleaner. It comes in a minimalist design that suits a modernized space.

Brikk Bike

Saving in Two Wheels

Cycling by yourself is not only a fun activity, but has become a way of staying safe and protecting other people from getting sick. Brikk’s bike allows you to move around with efficiency and style.

Blakk Toaster

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